Restoration And Rejuvenation

Underneath the tarp in the back of the garage sits a lump of useless metal. Its headlights long dimmed, cobwebbed interior gathers dust in copious amounts and the slowly cracking dashboard increases its network of fissures with every season. This is the scene that sits at the back of a thousand garages right here in Orlando. The beauty of some of these vehicles would make a grown man weep with desire, but alas most will never be seen, rotting there in the most heartbreaking way. At Car Doctor Orlando, we are much more than the finest auto repair facility in the area, we also happen to be restoration specialists. We can breathe new life into your exotic, muscle car or a treasured classic, check out our restoration gallery HERE.

Keeping your classic under a tarp in your garage is like keeping the Mona Lisa in an old sleeping bag, it deserves so much more than that. How many memories do you have with that old ‘66 Impala? Maybe it is a vintage MG or a BMW, regardless of make and model, we have the expertise to restore your treasured ride. Next time you go out into the garage, just think of how sad your car is and how much it misses you.

Something To Consider

When you think of having your vehicle restored, what exactly do you envision? The idea of restoration is different for everyone. We all have a unique vision for what we want our car to look like when it is done and that might not be a “traditional” restoration. A numbers matching restoration is returning the vehicle to the same condition it was in on the day it

rolled out of the factory. Ideally a restoration like this would utilize as much of the original equipment as possible, this sort of restoration can be the most challenging due to parts availability. Many of us, however have a different vision for our vehicles, we want the hot rod look. Be it a BMW rally inspired car from the 1970s or a drag racing Super Bee, these cars are generally far from stock. They have modified engines, upgraded running gear, bigger tires and much more. This sort of restoration is more focused on the owner’s personality than a numbers matching restoration.

No Matter What, Set The Car Free

age is not where a classic deserves to die. The general rule is, if you haven’t touched it for more than five years, chances are, you never will. So do your car and yourself a favor, get on the phone to Car Doctor Orlando and make plans to begin the restoration. Don’t really know what you want? We have the experience of many restorations under our belt and can guide you through the process. We want you to get exactly what you want and for you to be ecstatic about your restoration. So give us a call to get started today!

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